Our Mission!

Our mission is to help you learn the skills you need to build custom apps for your internal business needs.

Appmakeruniversity.com is the premier online learning platform that helps anyone learn how to build apps on Google’s App Maker product found in G Suite.  AMU offers a variety of learning opportunities to fit the needs and budgets of local small businesses up through global conglomerates.  From the inception of App Maker in Google’s EAP, appmakeruniversity.com has helped educational institutes, businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies develop custom workflow applications to increase their productivity and even revolutionize how they do business. Appmakeruniversity.com is your educational partner for success!

Why our work matters!

Appmakeruniversity.com is committed to providing resources and aftercare to human trafficking victims identified in the United States.  As part of our pioneering program of providing AMU education free of charge to survivors of human trafficking, we have had the pleasure of seeing hope restored!  But we don’t stop there, 10% of our revenue goes to spokenfornm.com, a local NGO that provides aftercare for survivors.  When you subscribe to our videos, or purchase one of our products you too are supporting the care of a person who has survived trafficking!



"If your company has started to engage and thinking about building in App Maker, dive in by all means. But accelerate the process by bringing in people who have been doing this for a while. They know the pitfalls, they know the ways to go do it, and the best practices. We are happy to have AMU as part of our long term strategy."

Michael Winser, Group Product Manager, Google

Trilogy Corp.

“AMU Bootcamp uses a powerful blend of AMU curriculum and hands on practice to teach you how to build your own App.  It's an incredibly effective way to learn the nuances of AppMaker, enabling you to turn a good App idea into a great App in a very short amount of time.  I've found no better way to get a comprehensive overview and pickup hard to find tips and tricks all in one place.  I highly recommend AMU for any dynamic organization that needs systems to solve problems ASAP.”

- James Sebok, Systems Architect


“It's really impressive what you can do in such a short time.

I got very positive feedback from the team about the quality of the training.”

-Mario Zuniga, Senior Manager


“I have worked with Ignite Synergy to provide amazing apps and training across several businesses. They are the people I turn to when I need to get the job done.”

- Ashley Sprague, CIO  


“Working with App Maker University has been a pleasure. They integrate a high level  approach to application development, and deep Google platform knowledge to facilitate exponential application development growth. Their teaching allows normal people with basic programming knowledge to develop useful internal Apps.”

Matt Steinmetz, Director of Operations