Low code = high power

App Maker is a low-code application development tool that lets your organization build and deploy custom enterprise applications easily and securely, on the same platform that powers G Suite.

App Maker uses a powerful cloud-based Development Environment that features built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI editor and easy to use file and database management system that streamlines your app building efforts. App Maker also embraces open, and popular standards like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Google’s material design, so experienced developers have the power to create extensive user experiences.

How App Maker Helps You

App Maker makes it easy for citizen developers and non-traditional programmers (including analysts and system administrators) to build apps for their organizations. It can help create streamlined processes by eliminating tedious data entry or mounds of paperwork. One of the most popular uses for App Maker is for replacing massive and difficult to manage spreadsheets with a true database. What we have seen is that a lot of businesses from lack of a better solution, are trying to run a spreadsheet like it was an app. Thousands of rows of data, complex attached forms for submitting data and no good way to manage access to view, edit and modify data in a spreadsheet brews problems. App Maker solves this and many other business needs by putting your data in a system that is built to scale up, have granular security and an extremely flexible aesthetically pleasing user experience that makes it easy and enjoyable to do your work.


Some things you can do

  • Workflows
  • Document Approvals
  • Vacation Requests
  • Mail Merge


  • Employee Reviews
  • Project Tracking
  • CRM / Sales Reports
  • Anything you can imagine

Focus on Delivery Not Infrastructure

With App Maker you can forget about the hassle of setting up servers, databases and managing all the code that goes into creating and maintaining a traditional app. How? It’s all built in and automated in an amazingly easy to use systems approach. You can also access all of the G Suite apps like Gmail, Drive and Calendar. Ready to Deploy your app to users? It’s just one click away and with Google managing the security you can be confidant that your app will be safe and convenient for your users.

Next Steps...

App Maker is still currently in the Early Adopter Program. But, it is still easy to get started! Click the button to be taken to the application. If you are on G-Suite for Business and a domain admin you will be approved in a couple business days.