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Here you can find completely pre-built applications ready to go out of the box from AMU, Google, and community developers.

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Drag and Drop

An advanced template that demonstrates using JQuery to create a complex UI with drag and drop functionality to update data across two DBs

Service Desk App

Get your service department running smoothly in just a few minutes. Full video walk through available in Member Videos.

Directory Look Up

The Directory Lookup template give you a working base to start from. Ready to go with a material designed card and suggest box search.

Folder Manager for Drive

This template stacks on top of Drive giving you the ability to tag folders and create a comment stream. Great Drive API starter kit.

Time Tracker

Packed full of features like in-line totals, conditional formatting and show/hide content makes this a must try template.

File List

This template is an example of a file list that uses the Drive Picker to do the uploads. Watch the Drive Picker Widget video for details about how to use it.

Sheet Import

This template stacks on top of Drive giving you the ability to tag folders and create a comment stream. Great Drive API starter kit.

Image Manager

A great image file management template complete with Google Vision that scans your images and automatically creates search tags. Lots of extras in this one!

Simple App

A template that provides a Material-styled application layout. It includes a dynamic menu and a page fragment used as a page header. A page for administrators is only available to administrators.

Material Gallery

A showcase of popular UI features, such as cards for entering data and for viewing charts and metrics. Use the cards for ideas, or incorporate them into your apps.

Document Approval

A custom app you can use to create workflows for document approval. You create documents and add approvers, who are then notified to either approve or reject the documents.

Partner Manager

A ready-to-run app you can use to manage an internal list of partners.

People Skills

An app lets employees find colleagues based on specific skills and have their own skills endorsed by others.

Q&A Forum

A corporate forum app for discussing internal topics, asking questions, and commenting.

Training Hub

An app for tracking employee training with a customizable set of learning materials.

Vendor Ratings

An app for managing and rating an internal list of vendors and their contacts.

Project Tracker

A simple app to track the status of projects across the organization.

Travel Approval

This template provides a simple workflow for creating and managing travel approval requests.